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Trust and Trustee Services

Savva & Associates are leaders in the areas of trust formation and administration. Our trust and trustee services cover an extensive range of corporate and private trust services.  Our trust professionals are well positioned to assist in the establishment of diverse types of trusts according to your specific circumstances. Overall, we can assist in the formation of a Cyprus International Trust, act as trustees and administer the trust on an ongoing basis.

The essence of any trust is the separation of the legal and beneficial ownership of assets. Trusts are flexible arrangements which are used for a variety of private and corporate purposes and are thus, very effective for estate and tax planning as well as wealth preservation purposes. Trusts can achieve a high level of confidentiality.

We aim to provide our clients with a bespoke and cost-effective trust structure, and will work closely with our clients’ advisors in their home jurisdiction in order to achieve this result.

While our firm’s head office is located in Nicosia, Cyprus, the principals and directors are Canadian citizens. We conduct our business at the highest level of international standards, the Canadian way.

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Immigrating to Canada?

Being Canadian professionals, we have extensive experience in working with newcomers to Canada to establish, structure, and administer offshore immigration trusts. We have forged strategic alliances with some of Canada’s leading immigration lawyers, and as such are well positioned to provide high level advice on this important tax planning opportunity.

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