CORPORATEAbolition of the annual company fee for the year 2024 and thereafter

2 April 2024

Great news for the Cyprus business community! In a landmark decision, the annual company fee of EUR 350 will be abolished starting in 2024. This pivotal change, enacted through the Companies (Amendment) Law 2024, N.25(I)/2024, is set to significantly reduce the operational costs for registered businesses, fostering a more conducive environment for growth and investment and enhancing Cyprus’ appeal as a prime business jurisdiction.

This strategic move not only alleviates financial pressure on existing businesses but also enhances Cyprus’s appeal as an investment destination. It’s a clear signal of Cyprus’s commitment to supporting business sustainability and encouraging economic development.  This update not only benefits existing companies but also makes Cyprus an attractive destination for new ventures. By removing financial barriers, we’re paving the way for innovation, entrepreneurship, and international investment.

For businesses that have already paid the fee for 2024, rest assured, refunds are in order. The process for refunds varies based on the payment method, ensuring a smooth transition for all stakeholders involved.

With over 220,000 companies registered in Cyprus, the vast majority of which are owned by non-residents, this development means a significant cost savings for large groups of companies, and a welcomed changed in the professional services sector.  Let’s delve into the implications of this policy change and discuss how it can reshape our business strategies and contribute to a thriving economic landscape in Cyprus. Your insights and opinions are invaluable as we navigate this positive shift together.

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