Global Investor Migration Specialist
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Charlie Peter Savva

Global investor migration specialist

+1 647 999 7060

Charlie Peter Savva is a Specialist and leading figure within the global investor migration industry.

He has over 20 years' of experience within Banking and Finance, and extensive experience (10 years) in leadership roles, including CFO of an international, publicly listed logistics provider.

Charlie is a Canadian and International Tax Specialist, and was previously an Audit Manager with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Toronto.

He has extensive experience in Investor Immigration services, in advising clients on the Cyprus Investment Programme and Residency services, and on helping them obtain Cypriot Citizenship via the CIP.

Charlie has delivered numerous presentations at various international conferences and forums around the world on the uses of Cyprus in International Tax planning, the Cyprus Investment Programme & the Cyprus Permanent Residency Programme. 

He is a Canadian Chartered Accountant and a Member of the Canadian and Ontario Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Charlie has a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Economics from the University of Toronto.

Apart from his native English, he speaks fluent Greek.


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