Cyprus citizenship can be highly beneficial, both on a business and a personal level. Ranked the fifth best destination for relocation worldwide, you would not be alone in wishing to seek Cyprus citizenship for yourself and your family.

With its ideal location and some highly lucrative tax benefits, Cyprus is the perfect destination for your business and the low crime rates, glorious climate and high standards of healthcare and education, make it a good choice for your family.

Citizenship made easier with the Cyprus Investment Programme

In an effort to encourage more people to choose Cyprus, the Cypriot government has drastically simplified the way in which you apply for citizenship, making it much easier and faster than before, and less complicated than the comparative process in many other European countries. 

The entire process can be completed within just six months. There are no medical requirements, and although you will be required to hold a Residency Permit for at least 6 months, you do not have to live in Cyprus in order for your application to be accepted.

Just one application can include you and your family

An application for citizenship can also include other members of your family. There is no need to make individual applications. Within your own application you can also include your spouse, children up to 17 years of age, and children up to 28 years of age providing they are studying towards a first degree. In addition, your parents may also be included in the application, however, this will be subject to an extra investment on their behalf.

Many people successfully gain Cyprus citizenship each year, and with a little expert help the process is relatively straightforward and it’s certainly fast now the Cyprus Investment Programme has been brought into force. As long as you have the funds to invest and you have a clean criminal record, there is unlikely to be any reason why you can’t proceed with an application for citizenship of Cyprus.

Your investment options

Your application for citizenship is dependent on you making an investment within Cyprus. This must be an investment of either 2 million euros in real estate plus a donation of €150,000, or a combination of investments both in real estate and other areas, to a total of 2.5 million euros, again with a donation of €150,000. If you are including parents on your application, then they will need to make a further investment in residential property, to the value of €500,000. Evidence of the source of wealth must be provided during the application process.

Savva Cyprus are with you every step of the way

For most people, seeking citizenship overseas is something they do once in a lifetime, and as such it can seem daunting and complicated. Here at Savva & Associates, we have a great deal of experience in such matters and so we can confidently assist you with each aspect of your application and ensure that the process is both smooth and speedy for you and your family. For further information please contact us.


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