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As Greece and Portugal Restrict, Cyprus Emerges as the Top Destination for Golden Visas

In recent developments within the European Union’s investment migration landscape, Cyprus emerges as the most attractive destination for individuals seeking golden visa programs that grant permanent residency to the applicant and his/her family, for life. This surge in appeal can be attributed to changes in the Greek and Portuguese golden visa schemes, positioning Cyprus’s program at the forefront for investors, especially from Israel, Arab countries, China, and Russia.

The Greek golden visa program, despite its popularity with a robust demand observed in January 2024, is on the brink of substantial change. With the government recently announcing an increase in the investment threshold—to €800,000 for major cities and popular islands, and €400,000 for other areas—the program’s accessibility is set to diminish. This adjustment is anticipated amidst a backlog of nearly 30,000 applications, indicating a high demand yet a significant processing delay.

On the other side, Portugal has recently taken a dramatic step by eliminating the real estate purchase option from its golden visa program. This move not only narrows the pathway to Portuguese residency through investment but also reflects a shifting European landscape regarding investment migration.

Amid these shifts, Cyprus stands out with its golden visa program, characterized by its low investment threshold of EUR 300k, plus applicable VAT. This program not only offers an easy and straightforward property investment option but also provides an efficient solution to obtain all the benefits of Schengen visa-free travel—despite Cyprus not being a part of the Schengen Zone. Savva & Associates are at the forefront, offering detailed guidance on this easy solution to interested investors (for more information contact Charles Savva at [email protected]).

Cyprus’ strategic positioning within the EU investment migration sphere is further underscored by its appeal to specific investor demographics. Israelis, Arabs, Chinese and Russians, particularly, find Cyprus’ golden visa program the most viable option. Notably, Russians, facing restrictions under other EU golden visa programs, view Cyprus as the sole European gateway available for investment-driven residency.

The attractiveness of the Cypriot program is not solely due to its financial accessibility. The ease of investment, particularly through real estate, appeals to a broad range of investors looking for straightforward and efficient pathways to EU residency. Furthermore, the prospect of leveraging this residency for Schengen visa-free travel amplifies its allure, offering significant mobility and lifestyle benefits within the European Union. Moreover, Cyprus has recently enacted revisions to its naturalization regulations, establishing a streamlined three-year pathway to Cypriot citizenship for candidates recognized as highly skilled labor. This initiative represents the most expedited route to European Union citizenship predicated on physical residency currently available. These amendments underscore Cyprus’ commitment to attracting and retaining top-tier talent, aligning with the country’s strategic objectives to enhance its labor market and foster economic growth through the integration of skilled professionals into its workforce.

For those seeking to navigate the complexities of investment migration within the EU, Cyprus emerges as a clear frontrunner. Its program not only undercuts competitors with a more accessible investment threshold but also maintains simplicity in investment options and offers a unique solution to Schengen zone travel. In an era where mobility and flexibility are highly valued, Cyprus’ golden visa program offers a compelling mix of benefits that resonate with a diverse investor base.

Leveraging the expertise of seasoned advisory firms such as Savva & Associates, investors are empowered to navigate the intricacies of the Cyprus Golden Visa program with precision and assurance. By doing so, they can fully capitalize on the distinctive benefits that this program provides within the ever-evolving landscape of investment migration. For a consultation without any obligations, we invite you to contact Charles Savva at either [email protected] or via [email protected].