For the wise investor, Cyprus can be an incredibly lucrative choice that brings with it many benefits and some great rewards. Here we take a look at just some of the reason that make Cyprus a particularly advantageous option for overseas investors.

It is perfectly located for trade

One of the things that makes Cyprus unique, and offers an amazing opportunity for business investors, is its location. For centuries Cyprus has thrived as an important trade centre and this is due to the fact that it is so well located for trade purposes. Situated within easy reach of three continents, any business in Cyprus has easy access to many countries and of course, with such a rich history of trade, the transport links to and from the island are second to none, with two world-class airports, incredibly well-established shipping links and a well-maintained road network. Flights to and from Europe are incredibly regular and the shipping industry is well prepared to cater to all your needs at competitive prices.

There is a highly skilled workforce right on your doorstep

Cyprus is well known for its high class educational system, and this means that there are always fresh highly-skilled graduates looking for employment. Whatever skills you’re looking for, you’ll find them in Cyprus, and with most Cypriots speaking fluent English you’ll have no problems with communicating with your staff.

If you need to relocate, you’ll find the move easy

If your investment takes you and your family to live in the country where you’re investing, this of course needs some consideration. Cyprus has good schools, world class healthcare facilities and a low crime rate and English is widely spoken. The Cyprus Citizenship Programme offers a unique opportunity to gain permanent Cyprus citizenship for you and your family within just a few months, where for many other countries, this process can take several years to complete.

There are Government incentives and a well-established infrastructure

The Cyprus government are offering many incentives to new investors in the region, and the levels of corporation tax are some of the lowest in all of Europe at just 12.5% and some types of income are exempt from tax entirely. Many schemes have been developed to make running a business in Cyprus easier, with much red tape being eliminated and procedures being streamlined for speed, and lowered costs. With double tax treaties in place with more than 50 countries, you have protection against having to pay tax on your income twice. There are also several grants available to investors in areas such as the environment, technology, energy and research and innovation.

Within the industrial free zone, businesses benefit from exemption from customs and excise charges, and some subsidies for industrial estate properties are also available.

The infrastructure of Cyprus is ideal for running a business. Communications systems, the banking system and the transport networks are all excellent in Cyprus, and so keeping your business functioning efficiently is simple.

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