The current most popular programme for residency in the EU is the Greek Permanent Residence Programme. But why is it so popular? Well there are many reasons. Some relate to the environment, Greece is a wonderful place to live and many people begin visiting the country as tourists and simply wish to relocate to enjoy the weather and more relaxed pace of life of Greece on a full time basis. But there are also many benefits for the shrewd investor that may draw business owners to Greece too.


A low investment threshold


One very important aspect of the Greek Permanent Residence Programme is that for those seeking citizenship, the investment level is not so high as to exclude all but the very wealthy, as can be the case with some citizenship programmes. Some similar schemes in other countries will require large investments in property or other areas, often in the region of several million euros, along with substantial donations to the government. The Greek Permanent Residence Programme is much more accessible, requiring just an investment in real estate of a minimum of €250,000. You may hear this referred to as the Golden Visa and it does offer a golden opportunity for anyone wishing to relocate, as this investment can be solely for your own residence, an investment anyone moving overseas would be likely to be making anyway.

Highly inclusive for extended family

The Greek Permanent Residence Programme is also very good if you’re looking to relocate with your family. Many citizenship schemes allow for a spouse and dependant children to be included in the application, but the Greek scheme takes this further, including children right up to the age of 21, and also the parents, not just of the applicant but also of their spouse. This can certainly reduce complications in some cases when everyone relocating can be included on one application, avoiding the need to make several applications for an extended family group which can easily become confusing.


Easy renewal process


Another draw of this scheme is that the renewal process is straightforward and stress free. Once the initial application has been accepted, no one wants to have to go through a periodic complicated and expensive renewal procedure and so the Greek system is popular due to its simplicity. Applications for renewal can be made every five years and there is no charge for doing so.

Visa-free travel

A further benefit of Greek citizenship is ease of travel, with visa-free travel available throughout the Schengen area for 90 days every 6 months. This is useful for those travelling for leisure, or returning to their home country to visit friends and relatives, but for the business traveller this can be a huge boon making travel so much simpler and less time consuming.

No minimum stay


Finally, there is no minimum stay requirement with the Greek Permanent Residence Programme, giving you the ultimate flexibility to live your life as you choose, and change your plans should you wish to.


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