Facts about the Greek Residency Programme that you Might not Know

Launched in 2013, the Greek Residency Programme, also known as the Greek Golden Visa, is a method by which non-EU nationals can obtain permission to live in Greece. Greece is a popular location for those wishing to move overseas and there are many reasons for this. Of course Greece is an attractive destination anyway, with a wonderful climate, great cuisine and a relaxed pace of life. Many people have previously visited Greece on holiday and then wish to make the move to Greece on a permanent basis. The Greek Residency Programme comes with many advantages over those offered by other destinations which is why it’s thought of as one of the best residency schemes in all of Europe. Here are some facts about the Greek Golden Visa that you might not know…

It’s the most affordable scheme in Europe

With many residency schemes, the required level of investment can be just too high for many people making it an unviable option. Not everyone has millions of euros to hand to invest in property and so Greece is a very attractive alternative option as it has the lowest real estate investment requirements of any such schemes in Europe. Currently, an investor need only place €250,000 (plus taxes)  into property in order to fulfil the requirements.

You’ll have residency faster than in any other EU country

The Greek Residency Programme is also the speediest residency programme in Europe. From beginning to end, the process can be completed within just 30-60 days.

You can obtain and renew your Golden Visa even if you’re not living in Greece

There is actually no requirement for you, or your family to actually reside in Greece in order to take part in the scheme. Your residency permit must be renewed every five years, but again, it is possible to renew your visa without being resident in the country.

There are business benefits too

Once you have achieved Greek residency, you are then entitled to be a majority shareholder of a Greek company, and receive dividends from that company.

The scheme gives you the opportunity to become a permanent Greek citizen

You can think of the Greek Residency Programme as the first step in your journey to EU citizenship. After 7 years as a Greek resident, you can then apply for Greek citizenship. As a member of the European Union, this automatically brings with it EU benefits such as visa-free travel throughout 183 worldwide destinations.

Interested? Then find out more…

So with all its advantages, it’s no wonder that the Greek Residency Programme attracts more applicants than any other EU residency programme. If you’d like to be one of them then we’re here to help. We can assist you with every aspect of the application from filling out the forms to finding your investment property. For more information, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk to you regarding your options or answer any questions you may have.

The Greek Residency Programme comes with many advantages


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