COVID-19 is testing the resilience and efficiency of governments, healthcare systems, and communities worldwide. The ability of national authorities to make competent, fact-based decisions and implement them in a timely manner will prove crucial for both the short- and long-term health and economic prosperity of their countries.

The good news for Cyprus is that the island nation seems to be responding remarkably well to the pandemic. A recent Forbes piece published extensive research carried out by Deep Knowledge Group, which ranks Cyprus 14th out of 33 countries in its Eurozone COVID-19 Safety Ranking. What’s more, Cyprus is one of the top 3 per-capita testing countries in Europe. So far, the country has tested more than 60,000 people for COVID-19.


In addition, over the past month and a half, the Cypriot authorities have stuck to a package of strict social distancing measures. These have proven to be highly effective. As of May 8, 2020, Cyprus has had a total of 889 confirmed COVID-19 cases and only 15 deaths. The measures were also publicly praised by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

Overall, it seems that Cyprus has finally flattened the curve. The private and public sectors are both back to normal working hours. Of course, COVID-19 testing continues, but the registered daily cases are zero or close to zero.

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