Cyprus is regarded as a top option for shipping and international trade. Moreover, Cyprus has signed several bilateral agreements that grant Cyprus ships special privileges or national treatment in other nations' ports.

With a registered gross tonnage surpassing 21 million, the registry is now listed as the  merchant fleet worldwide and the third largest fleet within the EU. In order to provide a high level of support to its flag users and uphold its status as a "Flag of Progress and Quality," the Cyprus Registry is constantly improving its services. One of the biggest and most well-known maritime hubs in the world, Cyprus is home to both ship management firms and ship owners. By retaining affordable registration fees and a beneficial tax system, its premier maritime structure is getting stronger. The only "Open Registry" regime recognised by the EU and with a favourable Tonnage Tax System that includes the 3 major "maritime transport" activities of ship ownership, ship management, and chartering is found in Cyprus.

Additionally, Cyprus has signed a number of international marine conventions, and to this day has struck double tax agreements with various nations. One of Cyprus's finest and most important economic sectors is its strong shipping infrustructure.

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