Prior to the pandemic outbreak, in 2018, during its first months of operation, more than 4,000 students of secondary education from Cyprus followed Retro Computing & Gaming’s educational programs and participated in its workshops and activities, free of charge.

Retro Computing & Gaming managed to grasp the attention of sponsors and was able to take part in several events; the Cyprus Comic Con 2019, the 9th Information and Communication Technology Conference & Exhibition organised by IMH and the European Researcher’s Night, organised by the Institute of Research and Innovation.

Media also demonstrated great interest in the museum, as a live interview on the CyBC radio was carried forward in January 2019 and an online article in the digital edition of the “In Business News” Magazine took place in June 2019 featuring Retro Computing & Gaming.

Guided tours at the first Cyprus Computer History Museum

Making its grand opening on the 21st of May, the museum will offer a 3-hour workshop and hands-on activities which will be free of charge.

A vast amount of home computers - more than 150 different models, video games, consoles and hundreds of peripherals and original software titles from the 1970s to the early 2000s would be available for the visitors to see. An appealing and high interactive wall timeline will allow visitors to learn about the history of computers, which will eventually make this experience perfect for all ages.

Visitors will be able to browse the biggest private collection of its kind in Cyprus, comprising more than 150 different models of home computers, video game consoles and hundreds of peripherals and original software titles from the 1970s to the early 2000s, most of them in good working order. Moreover, through the Museum’s guided tours and the specially designed interactive Timeline which decorates its walls, visitors will have a unique opportunity to learn about the history of computers.

More information about the Museum and its activities can be found on the Museum’s website and Facebook page


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