In accordance with the provisions of the laws of Cyprus, all Cyprus registered Companies are required to submit on an annual basis a Corporate Income Tax Return (IR4 form), that is based on the Audited Financial Statements (FS), to the Cyprus Tax Authorities, as well as the Annual Return (HE32) to the registrar of Companies. The Savva & Associates (S&A) team, consists of experienced accountants who are in position to undertake the accounting/ book keeping and to draft IFRS compliant FS in both the English and Greek languages. 

We would like to draw our clients’ attention to the fact that for independence reasons, it is advisable that the audit is not performed by the same firm that is providing the administration services.

Therefore, we do not undertake the audit of Companies we administer and manage. However, S&A will facilitate the entire process, from the appointment of the independent auditor until final sign-off and submission of the FS. 

We do of course, cooperate with an independent audit firm (S&V Audit Services Ltd), that undertakes the whole audit process.

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