Savva & Associates’ expertise in the international business environment enables our staff to offer a comprehensive set of services targetted specifically at professional intermediary firms, and offering individually customized solutions that can be tailored to any specific need.

Savva & Associates offers guidance and advice in international tax planning, tax management, international VAT, as well as Cyprus local tax and VAT matters.

We offer Cyprus and international strategies, tailor-made to the needs of our clients and designed to legally enhance your business, taking into consideration all applicable taxes - corporate or personal, and taxable gains as a result of Business tax, Inheritance tax, Capital gains tax, VAT and other related tax.

We can efficiently and precisely set out a strategy to mitigate your ongoing liability both in Cyprus and internationally, taking into account the bigger picture.

In short, we have the knowledge and expertise to solve your international multi-jurisdictional tax issues in a timely, cost effective, straight-forward and matter-of-fact way.


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