We offer individual advice on personal tax matters for clients with primarily crypto-based wealth (investors, developers, and founders), including tax re-domiciliation, bank account opening, and facilitation of investments within Europe and beyond.

Overall, we assist clients with crypto-sourced income to come into line with their tax reporting obligations.

Most importantly, we assist clients with establishing personal tax residency in Cyprus under the “60 day” rule, commonly known as the “non-domicile regime”, now recognised by most international tax practitioners as the world’s most attractive (and simple!) onshore personal tax regime – in brief, a foreigner can establish Cyprus personal tax residency by physically staying in Cyprus only 60 days in a calendar year, and not residing in any other one country for more than 6 months in the same calendar year.

If these two key criteria are met, the foreigner can declare on a Cyprus tax return worldwide dividends, interest, and gains from the disposal of securities, without any liability to tax in Cyprus.

We are happy to work hand in hand with you or your current local tax advisor by processing the crypto-related part of the tax return and making the results available to you or your tax advisor for further processing.

Since we have invested privately in various cryptocurrencies ourselves, our knowledge is not only theoretical, but also based on practical personal experience.

Seeking more insights or curious about how we may assist you and dive deeper together?  We have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest levels of service and tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of our valued clients.  Please get in touch with one of our managers to arrange for your free consultation.

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Can assist you with all your Cyprus business needs

Can assist you with all
your Cyprus business needs

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