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Since the early 90s, Cyprus  has been one of the most popular financial centers in the world.  Since 2004, when Cyprus gain accession as a full member of the European Union, it has been one of the most attractive EU jurisdictions for the establishment of a Cyprus company which carries on trading, royalty, holding and/or financing activities.

Savva & Associates provides international clients with Cyprus company formation services in accordance with each client’s requirements, as well as ongoing fiduciary and administration services, together with the appropriate level of economic substance. 

If structured correctly, a Cyprus company can provide a tax-efficient way to conduct international business.   We work alongside our clients local tax and legal counsel to design and implement the appropriate Cyprus (and/or foreign) legal structure, to meet all stated objectives, tax or other.

Seeking more insights or curious about how we may assist you and dive deeper together?  We have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest levels of service and tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of our valued clients.  Please get in touch with one of our managers to arrange for your free consultation.

Advantages of a Cyprus Company include:

The Use of a Cyprus Company

allows entrepreneurs to legitimately conduct business in Cyprus and internationally subject to a corporate tax rate of 12.5%, among the lowest rates in the European Union (EU).

Cyprus Law Structure Requirement

with 100% foreign ownership. For a Cyprus private company, a minimum of one shareholder, one director and one secretary is required for company registration.


are exempt from corporation tax, whether they are received from a foreign company (subject to certain conditions) or another Cyprus resident company (with certain conditions applying). There is also no withholding tax on dividends that are repatriated to a non-resident shareholder individual company.

Double Tax Treaties

from a network of double taxation treaties with more than 60 countries.

Cyprus Legal System

basis of the legal system constitutes a Cyprus company, an ideal vehicle for holding and investment purposes.

Savva & Associates

Can assist you with all your Cyprus business needs

Can assist you with all
your Cyprus business needs

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