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Cyprus Fiduciary and Administration

A Cyprus registered company is required by law to have the following in terms of company structure:

  • At least one director;

  • At least one shareholder;

  • At least one secretary; and a

  • Registered office.

Savva & Associates, being licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec) under License No. 29/196, can provide you with the full range of fiduciary services, including the following (subject to the satisfactory collection of AML and KYC documentation):

  • Nominee Shareholder(s)

  • Director(s)

  • Company Secretary

  • Provision of Registered Office address

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1. We are in a position to provide Corporate or Individual Director(s) and/or Secretary, depending on each client’s preferences and needs. We also provide Individual Directors who serve in a limited number of companies as Directors. Directors with special background requirements may also be provided upon request.

2. The Registered Office address we provide is at the registered address of our Company. For advanced substance solutions, we may assist with the renting of office space, employment of personnel, website set-up, and much more, in accordance with our client’s needs.

Our team of corporate services professionals has the necessary expertise and experience to assist with all aspects of the ongoing administration of a Cyprus company. We provide administration services such as the preparation, review and execution of agreements and powers of attorney, submissions to the Registrar of Companies and Cyprus Tax Authorities, bank account opening and administration, accounting, tax and VAT, audit facilitation, mergers, liquidations, and executing changes in a company’s corporate structure, just to provide some examples of the daily work our team undertakes.

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