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Cyprus Citizenship in only 3 years


Cyprus Citizenship in only 3 years

Cyprus’s revolutionary three-year citizenship fast-track program is now in effect.  In an unprecedented move on 22 March, 2024, the Cyprus Ministry of Interior announced the activation of the Population Registry (Amendment) Law of 2023, revolutionizing the pathway to citizenship. This amendment, a beacon of progress in naturalization, outlines stringent yet fair criteria, emphasizing Cyprus’s dedication to welcoming well-integrated, morally upright individuals who share a deep connection with the Cypriot ethos.

Highlighting this announcement is the groundbreaking three-year fast-track citizenship program, the quickest route to EU citizenship via residency. This, paired with the unique eight-month processing mandate for all citizenship applications, positions Cyprus as a magnet for global investors, offering a cost-effective and incredibly attractive path to EU citizenship.

Key qualification criteria include:

  • Mandatory Continuous Legal Residence:  A prerequisite of 12 months prior to application, with permissible short absences.
  • Varied Residence History Requirements:  Depending on the route, applicants must have resided legally for three, four, or seven years respectively, within the last decade.
  • Comprehensive Integration Measures:  Applicants must demonstrate good character, proficiency in the Greek language (B1 level for seven years of residency; A2 for four years as a high-skilled professional; B1 for three years), an understanding of Cyprus’s social and political landscape, stable financial resources, adequate housing, and a genuine intention to reside in Cyprus.

For high-skilled professionals, eligibility for the fast track includes:

  • Directors, Key Personnel, or Specialists in International Business Companies with a Work Permit.
  • Employees earning a minimum of €2,500 per month, holding a relevant university degree, or possessing equivalent professional experience.

This strategic initiative not only redefines the Residency and Citizenship by Investment (RCBI) industry but also enhances Cyprus’s allure as a fiscal paradise, thanks to its unmatched non-domicile program. This program promises zero tax on worldwide income for non-domiciled residents, offering a seamless blend of fiscal benefits and global mobility. Within three years, investors and their families can relish the perks of one of the globe’s most enticing non-tax regimes while securing EU citizenship.

Cyprus’s new citizenship trajectory affirms its status as a prime destination for investors seeking fiscal advantages and enhanced mobility. This three-year fast-track not only underlines Cyprus’s innovative approach in the RCBI landscape but also opens a golden gateway for investors and professionals worldwide.



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