Once you begin investigating the various citizenship schemes, you’ll find there are many, but when you look closer, there are some big differences between each method of gaining citizenship. Most schemes take a long time to complete. From your initial enquiry, to being a fully fledged citizen of your chosen country can literally take years. What if you don’t want to wait years to begin your new life overseas? Perhaps you want the certainty of knowing the process will be completed quickly? Then Cyprus is a very good option for you as it’s one of the fastest citizenship programmes in the world and as long as you fulfil the basic criteria, you’re guaranteed approval for you and your family.

Cyprus Citizenship and your investment

There are two financial aspects to the programme. One is a donation of €150,000 which is split equally between the Government Research and Development Fund and the Land Development Organisation. The second part is your investment, which can be made into any type of real estate, to a minimum value of € 2 million. The property can be residential or commercial, and there’s no prerequisite to live in a residential property, so you’re free to let it out as an income for yourself, if you should so choose. In addition, while you must always retain property on the island, after five years you can opt to reduce your investment to just € 500,000 without jeopardising your citizenship.

A simple application for the whole family

Another beneficial factor of the Cyprus Citizenship Investment Programme is that you can include your extended family within the one application, making the process much more straightforward, and keeping time-consuming paperwork to a minimum. Your spouse and children can be automatically included in your application, and any future children are also automatically given Cypriot citizenship. Your parents can also join you on your application with just a further investment in real estate of €500,000. The process itself is very straightforward. You are not required to learn a foreign language, nor do you have to attend an interview or a medical examination.

The benefits

As well as being the most expedient of all citizenship programmes in Europe, the Cyprus Citizenship Investment Programme has many other benefits. With Cypriot citizenship, you gain a European passport which opens up a world of visa-free travel within the European Union. As European citizens, you and your family will be entitled to live, work and study anywhere within the EU offering so many opportunities, not just for you but for your children who may choose to study or find employment overseas. Cyprus has a high standard of living and a relaxed pace of life, mixed with the glorious climate, low crime rate and top rated education and healthcare facilities, it’s certainly an attractive place to live, work and raise a family.

A straightforward and time-effective process

Begin the process now and you could be a citizen of Cyprus within just two of three months. With expert help behind you to ensure you fulfil all the criteria and submit all the necessary documentation, there’s no reason why you and your family couldn’t be living in Cyprus within just a couple of months.


The process of applying for the Cyprus Investment Programme 


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