Why Cyprus Company Formation is Definitely Worth Considering


Many business owners are always on the look out for ways in which to move that business forward and grow revenue. One method for successfully making the very most of your money and gaining many more advantages besides, is to form a company in a country different from your own. By doing this, you can make the most of the benefits offered in that other country to business owners. However, you need to choose your location carefully. Not all countries allow foreign business owners to form companies on their soil, others require the business owner to be resident in that country, yet more simply do not offer the security of their legal system, banking and infrastructure that is vital for a business to succeed, and for peace of mind that your investment is safe. There are also plenty of destinations which are great place to run a business, but offer no extra benefits so it simply isn’t worth the time and effort involved. Finally, you may wish to take the timespan and the fees into account that are always a part of forming a company overseas, but which can differ greatly.

Cyprus could be your answer

So if you’re looking for potential locations for company formation and want the most benefits, Cyprus is a very good choice, offering some unique advantages.

Amazing tax benefits

Perhaps the most striking benefit is the incredibly low rate of corporation tax. With a rate of just 12.5% this is certainly good news for businesses as this represents one of the lowest rates of corporation tax across the entire European Union. In addition, dividends paid to companies based in Cyprus are exempt from corporation tax.

It’s likely you can benefit from a double tax treaty

Cyprus maintains double tax treaties with a large number of countries. Over 60 countries are currently included, countries such as the UK, the US, Canada, China, Russia, Poland, India and many more besides. So it’s highly probable that you’ll be able to use these treaties to your advantage and make even more tax saving by choosing Cyprus company formation.

Foreign business owners welcome

The Cyprus business world fully welcomes overseas investors and entrepreneurs. The infrastructure for running a business is all in place with world class banking facilities, a good legal system, and should you require it, a highly skilled and well educated workforce. A company in Cyprus can be formed with 100% foreign ownership, a point which can be a sticking factor in other countries. The minimum requirements for Cyprus company formation are just one shareholder and one director. There are no restrictions on the nationality of either.

A well structured company is vital

Savva Cyprus are experts in Cyprus company formation. We know that to perform well, a Cyprus company needs to be correctly structured from the start. So why not take advantage of our knowledge and expertise and use our services to set up your overseas business in Cyprus? You can find out more on our website, or get in touch via email or phone.

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