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Below are just some of the areas we assist international clients who are looking to take advantage of the many benefits, tax and other, that Cyprus offers:

  • Establishing Personal Tax Residency in Cyprus under the “60 day” rule, commonly known as the “non-domicile regime”, now recognised by most international tax practitioners as the world’s most attractive (and simple!) onshore personal tax regime in brief, a foreigner can establish Cyprus personal tax residency by physically staying in Cyprus only 60 days in a calendar year, and not residing in any other one country for more than 6 months in the same calendar year. If these two key criteria are met, the foreigner can declare on a Cyprus tax return worldwide dividends, interest, and gains from the disposal of securities without any liability to tax.

  • Personal tax services for clients with primarily crypto-based wealth, including tax re-domiciliation, bank account opening, and facilitation of investment within Europe.

  • Cyprus and Greek Permanent Residency solutions.

  • Creation of AML / KYC file for clients opening new bank accounts and/or making investments within the EU.

  • Fast track European citizenship solutions.

  • Establishing a Cyprus trading company with the appropriate level of substance, resulting in an overall corporate income tax rate of only 12.5%, being the second lower in the EU.

  • Establishing a Cyprus regulated private investment fund. Cyprus is rapidly becoming a regional domicile for investment funds and fund managers, due to a stable legal environment, strong network of financial and professional service providers and a competitive legislative and regulatory regime.

  • Asset protections and succession planning strategies making use of the highly regarded Cyprus International Trusts regime.

Why should you work with Savva & Associates?

Our competitive advantage can be summarized as follows:

You can trust that your business is in excellent hands with Savva & Associates.

Approximately 15,000 Cyprus entities are formed each year by local and foreign investors, significantly more than any other onshore tax jurisdiction in Europe, specifically the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Malta. The administration of these companies in most cases is entrusted to Cypriot corporate services providers, legal, or audit firms.

The Cyprus Corporate Services industry has been regulated since 2012, bringing under close scrutiny every aspect of the industry itself, and diminishing any possibility of abuse in this sector.

Savva & Associates and our team of Chartered Accountants, Certified Public Accountants, Cypriot and International Lawyers and professionals with expertise in the tax planning industry, has emerged as the leading service provider in Cyprus. We ensure that our client’s Cypriot structures are established and administered to the highest level of international standards. We offer unique and custom designed substance solutions to ensure Cypriot structures contain the appropriate level of substance, and that all risks are clearly identified and communicated.

We are foremost a trustworthy and independent Cyprus Corporate Services Provider and company formation agent. It is not uncommon for a Corporate Services Provider with over 100+ staff to employ only one, or no Cyprus tax specialist, or have a ratio of less than 1:10 qualified professionals to administrative staff. This inevitably results in poor service, and worse yet, gross errors in advice and compliance matters.

At Savva & Associates you can trust that your business is handled with the utmost professionalism and international standards of service. ensure. Our policy is to employ primarily qualified Cyprus Accountants and Cyprus Lawyers, and professionals with significant experience within the industry, both in Cyprus and internationally.

If you would like to request a client referral or testimonial of our service, please contact us at [email protected]

A major advantage of using Savva & Associates over a Cyprus law firm or Cyprus accounting firm is the fact that we can provide you with sound, reliable Cyprus tax and VAT advice, and have a team of competent qualified Chartered Accountants to look after the preparation of Financial Statements and audit facilitation of your Cyprus structure. This approach more often than not results in lower fees for the client, and more importantly a higher quality of service.

Similar to Cyprus law firms, we also employ qualified Cyprus Lawyers and company secretarial staff who can handle daily legal and administrative matters at competitive rates.

With regards to Cyprus taxation and VAT advice, this is one of our main strengths. We pride ourselves in fast responses and practical advice at the most competitive fees.

We have significant experience in providing comprehensive taxation advice regarding trading structures and offshore funds, Cyprus offshore holding company structures, royalty structures, financing structures, trusts, and property investment structures. Our experience stems from our experience working with diverse client structures and collaborating with the world’s leading law firms to structure their client’s assets and businesses in a tax efficient manner.

Our reliable advice and timely service has resulted in numerous BIG4 offices abroad appointing Savva & Associates as their primary Cyprus tax counsel.

We ask that you give us the opportunity to demonstrate our high level of service mindedness. We are confident that we will make an impression with you and your clients.

Contact us to discuss how we could add value to your business.

In providing high level Cyprus taxation advice we understand the need to pro-actively develop an appropriate tax strategy as each transaction is being planned and implemented.

As such, we provide our clients with unique Corporate Services Solutions not currently being offered by our competitors in Cyprus. Such services include the following:

  • Pool of personal Directors who do not serve on more than 10 (or less) other boards of Cyprus companies;
  • Registered Office addresses which are not registered to more than 15 (or less) Cyprus companies;
  • Highly qualified and specialized pool of personal Directors, and not simply administrative staff typically provided by our competitors;
  • Unique, customized substance solutions, and not simply packaged solutions being offered by our competitors in Cyprus.

You may ask why such services are important. You may (or may not) be surprised to know the following:

  • The nominee Directors provided by some of our major competitors typically sit on the board of hundreds of other Cyprus companies;
  • The Registered Office addresses provided by our major competitors will typically house hundreds if not thousands of other Cyprus companies;
  • Until recently, the above information could not be ascertained, but with the emergence of private companies such as InfoCredit (based here in Cyprus), one can easily search and see that a Personal/Corporate Director assigned to a specific Cyprus company as a nominee also sits on a vast number of other Boards of Cypriot companies.

This information is readily available online for a small fee and most importantly can be made readily available to anyone (including foreign tax offices).

Such policies adopted by our major competitors create risk to tax planning structures which are often not communicated to international tax planning professionals or advisers and expose the clients to risk.

Savva & Associates work with our partners to ensure that Cyprus structures are established and administered to the highest level of international standards and that all risks are clearly and swiftly communicated to our clients.

In establishing our fees we undertook an extensive fee study of over 70 of the leading corporate services and legal services providers in Cyprus. We have strategically set Savva & Associates fees to be the most competitive among tier-1 providers in Cyprus.

At Savva & Associates we believe that our fees should be transparent and agreed up front with all of our clients. We will never invoice for work which has not been previously communicated to the client and agreed.

We are always happy to provide a fixed fee quote for the work we undertake, thus eliminating any surprises or uncertainty regarding your costs.

In earlier years more than 30% of our new business consisted of existing Cyprus structures being transferred to us from other service providers due to their poor service levels, or noncompetitive fees. Such clients have been able to reap the benefits of working with Savva & Associates, and take advantage of fee levels between 30% to 75% lower than our competitors and consistently higher levels of service than our competition is able to offer.

Contact us today if you are interested in a fee quotation for transferring the administration of your Cyprus structure to Savva & Associates.