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Urgent Update for Investors: Greece’s Golden Visa Investment Threshold to Increase Significantly

In recent years, Greece’s Golden Visa program has firmly established itself as one of the most attractive and successful residency-by-investment schemes globally, and certainly the most desirable such program in the EU. The program has experienced an unprecedented surge in applications, evidencing its popularity among international investors seeking not only a secure investment but also a gateway to Europe. The statistics are a testament to the program’s significance and its impact on the Greek economy and real estate market.

In the last quarter of 2022 alone, Greece’s Golden Visa program attracted 2,432 applications from wealthy international visitors, marking a significant increase following the announcement of the upcoming change in investment thresholds. This was part of a broader trend that saw nearly a third of the total 16,411 applications submitted between 2018 and 2022 being filed in the last year alone, highlighting a robust 125% increase in total requests (new and renewal applications) compared to 2021​​.

By the end of November 2023, the program received a record 7,752 applications, demonstrating a remarkable 78% increase compared to the entirety of 2022. This influx underscores Greece’s Golden Visa as the world’s most sought-after program, significantly outpacing its competition​​.

The financial contribution of this program to the Greek economy is equally impressive. In 2023, the Golden Visa program brought in €1.32 billion, with expectations to reach €1.5 billion by year-end. The ministry reported a 117% increase in Golden Visa applications from January to November compared to the same period the previous year, indicating sustained and growing interest in the program​​.

In response to the government’s announcement in September 2022, which planned to increase the minimum property investment requirement in selected municipalities, there was a notable rush of applications. This change aimed to adjust the investment from €250,000 to €500,000 in specific areas, leading to an immediate surge in applications as investors sought to capitalize on the existing conditions before the hike. The numbers grew almost four times compared to the previous month, with November 2022 seeing 833 applications alone, a significant jump from the 1,626 applications filed throughout 2021​​.

These statistics not only reflect the program’s appeal but also underscore the urgency for potential investors to act swiftly before the upcoming changes take effect. The Greek Golden Visa program has proven to be an invaluable asset for Greece, contributing significantly to the economy while offering investors and their families a pathway to residency and eventually citizenship in the European Union. For those considering this opportunity, the time to act is now, leveraging the current investment thresholds before they increase.

A Golden Past and a Changing Future

Historically, Greece’s Golden Visa program has been a magnet for global investors. With an investment threshold starting from as low as €250,000 in real estate, it stands as one of the most accessible routes to European residency. This attractive entry point, combined with Greece’s strategic location, its rich culture, and access to Schengen Area travel, has made the program the top choice for those looking to invest in a lifestyle as much as in property.

Statistics have shown a consistent increase in applications, with Greece often leading the charts in the EU residency-by-investment domain. This surge in interest has not only hig

hlighted the program’s popularity but also underscored its significant impact on the Greek economy, particularly in revitalizing the real estate market post-financial crisis.

However, this success story is set for a new chapter. With the Greek Prime Minister’s recent announcement, the minimum investment requirement in areas of high rent pressure is expected to rise to as much as €800,000. This adjustment aims to balance the dual objectives of attracting foreign investment and preserving housing affordability for locals. The planned changes mark a pivotal moment for the program, signaling a shift towards a more segmented market and placing a premium on investments in Greece’s most coveted locations.

The Implications for Investors

For prospective investors, the clock is ticking. The current investment thresholds offer a unique value proposition that is soon to change. Acting before these adjustments take effect is crucial for those looking to maximize their investment under the more favorable current conditions. The impending increase is not merely a price adjustment but a fundamental shift that could alter investment strategies and objectives.

This scenario presents not just a challenge but an opportunity. Investors now have a closing window to leverage the current conditions to secure a stake in the Greek real estate market, which remains robust and full of potential. The urgency to act is underscored by the broader benefits of the Golden Visa program, including visa-free access to the Schengen Zone, a key consideration for many investors looking for mobility alongside their investment.

Navigating the Shift

Understanding the nuances of the upcoming changes is vital for any prospective investor. Consultation with immigration and real estate professionals who specialize in the Golden Visa program can offer insights into how best to navigate this transition. These experts can provide tailored advice on investment opportunities that align with both the current and future landscapes of the program.

Moreover, for investors, this situation underscores the importance of agility and foresight in investment decisions. The landscape of investment migration is ever-evolving, with regulatory changes reflecting broader economic and social priorities. Being well-informed and prepared to act swiftly on such changes can make the difference between seizing an opportunity and missing out.


Greece’s Golden Visa program stands at a crossroads, with impending changes poised to reshape its appeal and accessibility. For investors, this represents a critical moment to evaluate, decide, and act. The allure of the program remains undiminished, but the terms of engagement are changing. As Greece navigates the delicate balance between attracting investment and ensuring the sustainability of its housing market, investors too must navigate this evolving landscape with strategic acumen.

In essence, the essence of successful investing in the context of Greece’s Golden Visa program lies in recognizing the value of timing. With the golden hour upon us, the opportunity to invest under the current favorable conditions is fleeting. For those considering the program as a pathway to European residency, the time to act is now, before the dawn of a new chapter in Greece’s investment migration story.

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