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Stavri Keliri

Compliance department


+357 22 516 671

Stavri Keliri is a member of the Compliance team at Savva & Associates, bringing over five years of experience in financial crime prevention and regulatory compliance.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Primary Education from the University of Cyprus and a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports and Exercise Science from the University of Central Lancashire.

In her role, Stavri is well-equipped to manage information flow, conduct thorough research, and tackle complex AML challenges, ensuring compliance with AML regulations. Before joining Savva & Associates, she served as the Head of AML at a Cypriot Investment Firm, where she developed and implemented effective AML policies and procedures.

Stavri has consistently been part of Financial Services Providers, where she led teams of compliance professionals and coordinated with regulatory bodies to ensure adherence to both local and international AML standards across various jurisdictions, including South Africa, Mauritius, Comoros, and Seychelles.

At Savva & Associates, Stavri is responsible for coordinating, reviewing, and updating client entities’ profiles, conducting transaction monitoring using compliance tools, and managing various compliance reports within the Compliance Department. Her dedication and expertise make her a vital asset to the firm’s commitment to maintaining high compliance standards.